Considering a Bespoke Software Project? We've listed a few points to consider..

Define exactly what you need

It may seem obvious, but a worthwhile exercise is to walk-through your business processes and get them down on paper as the starting point.

Consider an Off the Shelf Package

Due Diligence may lead you to an Off The Shelf Solution which delivers enough to make it worthwhile living with the things it doesn't do.

Phased Approach

Can the project be modular in design, build and deployment? If so, its worthwhile considering a phased approach.


A Bespoke Solution can provide all the reports you want plus more that you haven't thought of yet and accessed through a Dashboard or emailed to you.

Where will your solution reside?

Cloud based, Server based, App based. There are Cost & Risk implications for all and so you need to understand the impact on your business.

Challenge your Process

Share your process with team members who use the current system. Get them to review, challenge , buy-in and sign-off the new process.


Time, Budget & Technology can impede the progress of a project. The less constraints means the more flexibility there is to deliver your project.

Integration with other Systems

Can the new solution standalone or will it need to integrate with your existing systems? We check if your systems are compatible.


Bespoke should 'Futureproof' your business if designed and deployed correctly and is the Key Advantage when compared to buying Off the Shelf.


A Soft Launch with targeted users or a Full Launch will require Setup & Training as a minimum. It will require a robust deployment plan.

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