Thinking of a Mobile App? Here's a few things to consider...

Research, Research, Research

Research what is out there already and use this as a starting point when planning your App and what features to include.

Agree on the Goals of the App

What is it the App will deliver? You will have to document this when you submit the App to iStore so it's a good idea to get it down on paper.


Start with A4 sheets of paper and draw out what happens on each screen. This will show you how many screens you will need.

Plan for Staged Release

Releasing the initial version is only the beginning. Statistics show that many users will re-engage with your application when new features are added.

Plan to Analyse Success

As with research, it's worthwhile doing this now so take a moment to decide how you will measure the milestones for success.

Who is your target Market?

Deciding your demographic influences how the App will be engineered and is another step to consider before pushing the button to go ahead.

Minimally Viable Solution

Following on from the Storyboard, take a conservative view on the minimum no. of screens required to get you up and running.

Make money from your App?

Will your App be FREE, have a Premium Version, include ads? We can talk to you about the options and how to include them in your app.

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