it's lovely to meet you

it's lovely to meet you

welcome to MACHURIAN

About Us

The six elements of our logo represent Service, Security, Compliance, Design, Technology & Partnership, which together define our company ethos and enable the Machurian team to work in all sectors – creating, designing and delivering solutions which empower our clients to do what they do best.

Our Ethos is a living, breathing thing which comes from within our team and it takes all the team to drive it forward. Everyday there are new challenges, new opportunities and new projects on the table to discuss, review and approach from fresh perspectives.   

Pushing Boundaries

Whilst advancement is fundamental to us, it has to be done carefully so we don’t break what we already have in place. 

Within our culture, we’ve embraced and encourage CPD  throughout all aspects of the business and business life which translates itself in ways to leap forward in design and technology, thereby aiding our clients and prospective clients but also in ways which benefits the team and how we do things day to day.

The Journey

I read somewhere that we’re all on a journey and that as a team, we’re all on a bus.  Whereas we may know where the bus is travelling today, who knows we may change direction at some point.  Having the right people on the bus means you can change direction whenever you want and it is business as usual.

Tell Us Your Story

We’d love to hear about your journey and where you want to go next.

Get in touch to chat about how we can help you get there.

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