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Looking for Graphic Design? Some pointers from the Creative Team to consider..

Design Is More Than How It Looks

"Design is not just what it looks like and how it feels. Design is how it works..." Steve Jobs (Apple Inc)

Broaden Your Brand

Introducing a new product or service? We help your audience instantly recognise your products as your brand.

Visually Communicate Your Values

Brands are built on ideas, values, and aspirations. We work with you through things like colour, imagery, icons and typeface.

Get Consistent

Is your brand recognisable across all mediums? Can it scale down for Social Media as well as scale up for posters, vehicles, etc? Let Machurian Creative make your brand consistent.

Design Sets You Apart

Human beings perceive beautiful things as being better. Together let's make your products 'beautiful'!

Capitalise On Trends

As with anything, design has styles & techniques that come and go. Capitalising on these trends will keep your brand fresh.

Motivate People To Take Action

The famous poster of Uncle Sam stating “We Want You” is legendary. It invited readers to take action. Creative design empowers people.

Make A Good First Impression

What’s the best way to make a good first impression? You guessed it- good design! So let's make that first good impression together.

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